Turkey Visa for Indian and Turkish Visa for Indonesia: Which Is Better?

In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of each Turkey Visa for your country. Both have an application process that is designed to allow citizens in their countries to enter Turkey with ease.

What do the two countries have to offer?

Turkey has a long and rich history dating back to the Neolithic Age. It is home to some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, including Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya and Bodrum. Turkey Visa for Indian Citizens

Indonesia also has a rich culture dating back to the ancient civilizations of Java and Sumatra. The country is home to many beautiful beaches and tropical islands, as well as bustling cities like Jakarta and Surabaya.

Which country should you choose to visit? It really depends on your interests and what you are looking for in a destination. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with plenty of cultural attractions, then Turkey is the better choice. If you are looking for more adventure and excitement, Indonesia may be more suited to your needs.

What is an Indonesian Visa for Turkey?

Indonesian citizens can apply for a visa to visit Turkey if they have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of travel and if they are not in any way prohibited from traveling to Turkey. In order to be eligible for a visa, you must present a letter from your employer or educational institution verifying your employment or enrollment. If you are traveling as part of a group, each member of your group must present a separate letter verifying their participation in the trip.

If you are traveling for business, you must provide documentation confirming your planned activities in Turkey and evidence that you will have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in the country. You can find more information about obtaining a Turkish visa on the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Turkey Visa for Indonesian Citizens The Indonesian Embassy in Ankara issues visas on behalf of the Indonesian government. The embassy accepts applications online and through email, and charges a processing fee of $50. You can also apply for a visa at the Turkish diplomatic missions in Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur. All visa applicants must provide their passport number, name, date of birth, nationality, and address (both home and work addresses if applicable). The deadline to apply for a Turkish

What is an Indian Visa for Turkey?

Turkey is a great country to visit and tourists are always looking for new and interesting places to explore. And what better way to do that than by visiting a neighbouring country? If you’re thinking of travelling to Turkey, you might be wondering if an Indian visa is necessary. Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to visas, the rules vary depending on the country you’re travelling to. In Turkey, for example, both Indian and Turkish visas are valid for tourists. However, there are some important differences between the two visas. Turkish visas are issued for stays of up to 30 days and can be used for visits anywhere in Turkey. Indian visas, on the other hand, are only valid for trips to Turkey and can be used for stays of up to 90 days.

If you’re planning a trip to Turkey soon, it’s worth checking the visa requirements of each country before making your travel plans. This way, you’ll know exactly what you need and won’t have any surprises when you arrive in Turkey.

Turkish Visa Requirements:

-Tourist visa: Required if travelling for tourism purposes only (stays up to 30 days).

-Business visa: Required if travelling

Which Country Has Better Visas for India and/or Indonesia?

When it comes to visas for India and Indonesia, the answer is a little difficult to determine. Both countries offer excellent visa options, but which country has better visas? Although both countries offer excellent visa options, it seems that Turkey has better visas for Indian nationals. Turkish visas are usually easy to obtain and they do not require a lot of documentation. In addition, Turkish visas are valid for multiple entries into the country. Indonesian visas, on the other hand, are not as easy to obtain. Indonesian visas can be difficult to get if you do not have a good relationship with your embassy or consulate. Furthermore, Indonesian visas typically require a lot of documentation and they are not always valid for multiple entries into the country.


If you’re looking to visit Turkey and are an Indian citizen, you may be wondering which visa is best for you. If you’re a Turkish citizen planning to visit India, the same question might be on your mind. In this article, we’ll compare the two visas and help you decide which one is right for your needs.