The Ultimate Guide to Applying for a Canada Visa from Colombia or Sweden

If you are living in Sweden or Colombia and have been considering moving to Canada, but have been wondering about whether or not you would be able to do so, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll cover everything from the different types of visas available to specific steps to take while navigating your application. This ultimate guide will prepare you with everything you need to know when applying for a Canada Visa Sweden or Colombia.

Why should you apply for a Canadian visa?

If you are applying for a Canada visa through Sweden, it is important that you consider your eligibility. Whether you’re a skilled worker, entrepreneur, visitor, international student or tourist; here’s why you should apply Canadian visa immediately. You can’t forget that Canada is among the countries that have tried its best in building one of the best and most powerful economies in the Asia Pacific region where it enjoys trade relations with Colombia and many other countries around the world. The ultimate goal is to ensure that those people who wish to travel and stay there can get all necessary requirements sorted out effectively by helping them fill out an application form successfully.

Is your Colombian family eligible?

To bring your Colombian family members to Canada, you’ll need a Canada permanent resident (PR) visa. If your family lives in Sweden and is currently getting social assistance there, they may not be eligible. In fact, certain types of benefits disqualify people from immigrating to Canada—and it’s not just social assistance. Find out if your Swedish family will be able to come with you.

Do you have enough financial means?

When applying for a Canada visa, you’ll need to prove that you have enough financial means before entering Canada. You must be able to show that you’re able to support yourself financially while in Canada. This amount is determined by Canadian immigration officials based on your own personal income and how long you intend on staying in Canada. As an example, if you plan on visiting Canada with your family but only intend on staying less than two months, you may be able to enter without needing additional financial support. However, if you plan on staying longer (like over six months), then chances are high that Canadian immigration officials will require proof of financial resources beforehand. Canada Visa from Colombia

Can you travel freely out of Colombia, Sweden?

It depends on your nationality. Canada accepts more Colombian nationals than Swedish nationals, but you can only travel freely out of Colombia if you’re Canadian, US, Australian, New Zealand, Irish and most South American nationalities. On the other hand, you can travel freely out of Sweden as long as you’re not South African and many Eastern European and Asian nationalities. If your country isn’t on either list (like most European countries), it doesn’t mean that they won’t give a visa; rather that you might need to jump through some hoops before they do. If any of these apply to you – get in touch with us! We’ll be able to help walk you through applying for Canada without stressing too much about jumping through hoops 🙂

Do you have any convictions or criminal records?

You may be denied entry into Canada if you have been convicted of any offense and sentenced to serve time in prison, even if it was a minor crime. Minors are considered those under age 18. You must list all criminal convictions whether they occurred inside or outside Canada. If you do not list them all, it will significantly increase your chances of being denied entry. If you have been charged with an offense but not convicted, you must still declare it.

How do you submit your application?

Start by creating an online account and filling out your personal details. This can all be done electronically using a computer or mobile device. Next, it’s time to fill out your application form with some basic information about you, your family members and any dependents. We’ll also ask about your relationship with Canada. Finally, it’s time to submit everything and wait for our staff to process your application. Applications are usually processed within 2 weeks of being received at our office in Stockholm, though that does vary depending on seasonality (applications will take longer if there is less demand due to school holidays). But once your application has been processed we’ll send you notification that it has been received and where it is in our queue of applications waiting for review by an immigration officer.