Canadian Citizens Can Now Travel To NZ Without A Visa

Canada has always been a popular travel destination because of its beautiful landscapes, amazing outdoor activities and diverse food culture. One of the most popular destinations for Canadian citizens is New Zealand. Luckily for Canadian citizens, New Zealanders are now able to enter Canada without a visa! NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR CANADIAN CITIZENS

Canadian Citizens Can Now Travel To New Zealand Without A Visa

Beginning September 1st, 2019, Canadian citizens can travel to New Zealand without a visa. This is a result of the Canada-New Zealand Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) that was signed in 2017. The agreement allows for unrestricted travel between the two countries and eliminates the need for a visa for Canadian citizens who are 18 years or older. Canadians traveling to NZ on business or tourism will still need to apply for a visa if they are travelling for more than 90 days.

Canada and New Zealand Amicable Relations Treaty

New Zealand and Canada have been enjoying friendly relations for many years now. This is evidenced by the fact that both countries have a mutual visa-free travel agreement between them. Citizens of Canada can now travel to New Zealand without having to obtain a visa beforehand.

This visa-free travel arrangement came into effect on March 18, 2016, making it the first ever such treaty between the two countries. The treaty has been built on strong foundations of cooperation, partnership and trust between the two countries. It is hoped that this agreement will promote tourism and trade between the two countries. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR HONG KONG CITIZENS

Citizens of both Canada and New Zealand are eligible for visa-free travel if they are travelling for business purposes or pleasure, provided that they have valid identification documents such as a passport or driver’s license. In addition, they must also meet certain other requirements, such as having no criminal convictions or pending criminal charges in their respective countries.

What can Canadians do if they want to visit NZ for vacation?

If you’re a Canadian citizen, you now can travel to New Zealand without a visa. The visa-free travel program is part of the Canada-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Canadians must possess a valid passport and proof of citizenship or long-term residency in Canada to be eligible for the visa-free travel. The program is effective as of September 30, 2017. Canadians are still required to hold a New Zealand visa if they want to stay longer than three months in the country.

How does this affect Canadians who are wanting to study in New Zealand?

For Canadians wanting to study in New Zealand, the news is good – they no longer need a visa! The visa requirement was introduced in 2009 in an effort to increase security at New Zealand’s borders, but since then there has been a rise in people travelling to and from the country without one. This change will make studying in New Zealand much more accessible for students, as it will save them time and money.


Canadian citizens can now travel to New Zealand without a visa, as of November 1st, 2016. This change comes after the two countries reached an agreement on new standards for travelers from Canada. Under the terms of the deal, visitors will need only a passport and proof of onward travel (such as a plane ticket or hotel reservation) to enter New Zealand. This is good news for Canadians looking to explore this beautiful country, and it should make traveling here much more convenient for those who are already planning their trip.